Who We Are

Oak Tree Development is a Real Estate Development Firm

OTD is Design-and Experience-Focused


OTD Makes Places that Help People Connect with Each Other & with the Places Themselves

Company Values Guiding Principles


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Developing Lifetime Relationships


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 To Design Places and Experiences that Innovate, Connect and Improve People's Lives

Our Values



We use this word a lot, for good reason: there is no successful project, deal or idea without thoughtful innovation from the beginning through to the end.



Innovation is great, but great innovation comes from collaboration and cooperation. Collaboration refines.



Cooperation is sustained with integrity. We believe integrity means caring for people, and that success is shared.



Innovation, collaboration, and integrity are the foundation of success. But without commitment, they'll only ever be a piece of cement in the ground.

Solution Oriented


 The world is always changing, providing new challenges in design.  We take the long view, designing places that will remain relevant, are adaptable, and solve the space needs of occupants for generations to come.



 Wherever possible, we design with sustainability in mind.  We embrace LEED and NGBS standards, environmentally-friendly energy and water practices. 

Integrated and Innovative Thinking


 At Oak Tree Development the best ideas rise to the surface. We use an integrated approach to developing green properties, both residential and commercial. We strive to use eco-friendly processes to maximize sustainability, energy efficiency and investor return. 

Oak Tree Development is a modern, forward thinking, and driven real estate development firm. We embrace LEED and NGBS standards to ensure environmentally friendly and energy/water efficient practices, helping to shape the future of real estate development. Our company values are more than just words, they are a guarantee of who we are and what we do.